AsIAm Annual Report Underscores Impact

AsIAm, Ireland’s Autism charity, has launched its annual report highlighting the significant work it has delivered for the autistic community in Ireland.

The report was launched as part of a special event hosted by the National Gallery of Ireland which discussed the challenges faced by the Autistic community and highlighted some of the supports on offer from AsIAm.

The event included a panel discussion that featured representatives from StateStreet, an employer who has started a programme to incorporate neuro-divergent employees into its workplace. The programme is fully accredited by AsIAm.

Also joining the event was Stephen Wiltshire, a world-famous Autistic artist and illustrator renowned for drawing cityscapes entirely from memory.

Artist Stephen Wiltshire spoke at report launch

This year alone AsIAm has passed the following milestones:

  • Answered 3,249 calls to the Information Line
  • Trained 13,477 people
  • Accredited 21 organisations to be Autism friendly
  • Submitted 8 policy documents and helped to secure emergency legislation
  • Issued 4,909 ID cards (up 87% year on year)

The recently created Child and Family Support Programme has already delivered real change. More than 1,700 families have registered to avail of services and more than 2,500 places have been secured, with more than 350 sessions delivered, encompassing 44 different activities in nine different locations.

Commenting on the launch of the report today, Adam Harris founder and CEO of AsIAm said “It has been another busy year for the team at AsIAm. We continue to expand the volume and breadth of services we offer which are critically needed for the Autistic community. Sadly, demand continues to outstrip supply for even the most basic of supports in Ireland.

All Autistic people want and deserve is the same chance, by removing the barriers they face every day in their life.  We support thousands of Autistic people every year, through our phone line and group-based supports, whilst also working to make our communities more inclusive that every Autistic person is accepted ‘as they are’ – equally valued and respected. Our ambition is support 25,000 people by 2025. We remain singularly focused on removing the barriers that Autistic people face in all phases of their lives as children, youths and adults together with all aspects of their lives be it at home, in school, in the community or at the workplace. To achieve that AsIAm must continue in parallel with our efforts to drive greater understanding and education in the public through our accreditation programmes.

Harris concluded, “Next year marks our 10th anniversary. So much has been achieved in the first nine years. While we are proud of all that changed for the better, our achievements are secondary to the ambition we have to affect even greater change in the coming years.  That can only happen with the continued support and generosity of everyone who has supported AsIAm and we call on you to continue with us on our journey.”

AsIAm are committed to empowering and supporting Autistic people to reach their full potential, while simultaneously challenging society to be fully accepting and accessible to every Autistic person. We can only do this through the support of our grantors, donors, partners and clients. For examples on how you can help us build on our success, please see our Sponsorship Opportunities brochure here.

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